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Data Product Management

The solution data leaders use to monitor data products from conception to completion and create business value.

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A page from the tool that displays relevant reporting numbers, such as the combined revenue increase in the portfolio, the number of Analytics Products and Opportunities.

Forget about your Data Product problems

Designed by data leaders for data leaders, Mindfuel's Delight is your daily companion.

We've seen it all: disjointed data strategies, opportunities lost in the labyrinth of use cases, and the frustration of not being able to prove the data team’s value contribution.

The crux of these issues? The absence of a holistic, integrated software. Until now.

Meet Delight, the all-in-one solution for Data Product Management.

  • Is fragmented information slowing you down?

    With Delight, you can bring together scattered ideas into one unified view, enabling faster and more informed decisions. Turn guesswork into clear strategy, helping you make confident strides towards growth.

  • Struggling to prioritize and utilize your data assets?

    We simplify this process, providing a roadmap through your data landscape with our innovative 'datability' system. Unlock the potential of your data assets, leading you from chaos to structured value.

  • Stumbling in the dark with data gaps?

    Shine a light on every link in your data value chain, offering a panoramic view of your data contribution. Foster transparency and foresight, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Data-Business- Collaboration

Manage all of your business opportunities in one central place. An intuitive tag system helps you identifying and contextualizing cross-departmental opportunities and aligning them with ongoing data projects.

A combined view of the value of an opportunity with the elements "Business Goal", "Outcome" and "Confidence" and related opportunities with their score for reference.

Value-Driven Prioritization

Bring data into your strategic prioritization. Ensure your team is working on high-impact products, driving business success and tangible growth with every decision.

A prioritization matrix with "Datability" on the x-axis and "Value" on the y-axis and multiple data points that each represent one Analytics Product.

Full Data Transparency

No more stumbling in the dark. Monitor the full value chain, see how your assets connect to products and turn into opportunities. The result: your team’s impact cannot go unnoticed ever again.

A tree view that shows how Data Assets are connected to Analytics Products and, on top, to an Opportunity.

Join the Data Product Management movement

We're on a mission to help data leaders foster collaboration between business and data to create impact from Data Products. Our approach? Collaborative innovation. This is how to get started:

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Hi, we're your Data Product Companions                 

Born out of shared challenges and experiences in data leadership, Mindfuel Delight is the solution we wished we had. Questions? We're here to illuminate your path to Delight.

Nadiem von Heydebrand

Nadiem von Heydebrand

CEO & Co-founder

Former Data Science Tribe Lead, creating Data Products for over a decade

Maximilian Könnings

Maximilian Könnings

CPO & Co-Founder

Former Thermomix Global Product Manager and Head of Data Products at Vorwerk

Stefan Schmautz

Stefan Schmautz


Former UniCredit VP Advanced Analytics & AI Program Lead measuring AI business value