All you need for effective data leadership is in Delight

Transform every decision into tangible business success. Designed by data leaders for data leaders, Delight shines a light on your team's pivotal role in shaping a data-driven future for your company and helps you allocating your resources where they're needed.

9 cards from the tool with opportunities for the data team described on them from different departments, such as Marketing or Operations.

Work cross-functionally from day one

Finally a single, unified view for all company-wide opportunities. Empower all lines of business to create opportunities, providing richer context and expected business outcomes.

Data Leaders and Product Managers can finally shift from mediator to strategic influencer, boosting productivity and sway.

Collect business opportunities from everyone

Facilitate a direct line to the data team for everyone in your company. Our streamlined template creates an intuitive way to present business ideas, while guiding users to provide essential information.

Manage, evaluate and prioritize your opportunities

Treat every cross-departmental request as a business opportunity. Evaluate requests against company goals and key metrics, effortlessly highlighting the most impactful opportunities.

With Delight's intuitive tagging system, prioritize these opportunities according to their value, and align them seamlessly with ongoing data initiatives.

Collaborate with focus on business success

Bridge the gap between data products and business opportunities. Our value assessment feature facilitates productive conversations about priorities, making it easier for everyone to see how data projects support the company's strategic goals.

Value-Driven Prioritization

Replace guesswork with data-driven prioritization

Delight puts strategy at the heart of your data organization, linking data products directly to business opportunities. It illuminates your decision-making, presenting an unbiased portfolio overview for task and resource distribution in a completely new way.

Navigate through every stage of the product lifecycle with poise, keeping a firm grip on the pulse of emerging opportunities.

A prioritization matrix in the background with a lot of data points on it and in the front, there is an Opportunity Value displayed and the Datability Assessment of 2 Data Assets.

Consistently make the right decisions

Get an in-depth understanding of your Data Products, prioritizing them based on their opportunity value and datability. This innovative rating system takes into account crucial factors such as data availability, quality, and accuracy; making sure you consistently allocate your efforts in the right places.

Connect business value to data products

Business opportunities meet Data Products. Whether they're first concepts s or active initiatives, every data product is vested with a value and a promise of its business impact. Here, data products lose their abstraction, taking form as tangible contributions.

Prioritize with business value in mind

Prioritize your Data Products based on their business value and datability. This innovative scoring system takes into account crucial factors such as data availability, quality, and accuracy; giving you an unparalleled understanding of your data products.

A business lineage tree view of the connection between Opportunities, Analytics Products and Data Assets and additional information about each entity.
Full Data Transparency

Never leave anyone wondering again

Delight is not just about keeping tabs; it's about creating a culture of transparency and strategic foresight. From first steps to data product adoption, everything is monitored to generate value.

One overview to rule them all

Delight is your unified, business-focused view of data sources, assets, and analytics products. It's a platform for maximizing value from existing resources, encouraging discovery, and promoting reuse.

Forget about scattered Excel sheets – Delight provides your data products their well-deserved, transparent home.

Real-time transparency across the board

Get the full picture with a real-time reporting dashboard. Both data and business leaders can effortlessly monitor all ongoing initiatives, track progress, and anticipate challenges.

Seamless visualization

Every connection between your data assets, analytics products, and business opportunities is transparent; meaning crucial assets won't go unnoticed ever again.

Your team's vital role in the company's success will always be evident.